Washington Post Cites Obama to Plead for Subsidies

As I’ve noted before, I’m sure the Democrats would love to own the major media to censor any opposing viewpoints. However, they don’t really need to buy any of the major media because the folks running them already censor, pummel and/or exclude any opinion other than the left wing’s (Fox being the only major media exception).

That didn’t stop the Washington Post from pleading for a federal bailout. They even cited Barack Obama, saying he used to teach Constitutional Law, to make it clear that there would be no legal problems in the feds bailing out the media. I got a huge laugh out of that one, however, since Obama doesn’t even regard the Constitution as relevant. Otherwise, why wouldn’t he produce his (Kenyan) birth certificate? (I can’t wait for the Supreme Court to rule his health care mandates unconstitutional.)

Anyway, the Post folks make a fool of themselves with their editorial and, worse, make their whole profession tawdry by begging for a handout. (I, by the way, am a trained journalist and former executive editor of two newspapers, and I say, "Get on with your life and find a new business model if you want to stay in journalism" to all those who want taxpayers to fund their publications.)

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