Spelling Bee Challenge–Spell the Winner’s Name!

2009 Spelling Bee Champion Kavya ShivashankarI’d probably have had an easier time figuring out how to spell the winning word in this year’s National Spelling Bee than I would in spelling the winner’s name.

Laodicean, meaning lukewarm to politics, was the deciding word for Kavya (phonetic and easy) Shivashankar (actually, pretty phonetic as well), the 13-year-old winner. Actually, I take it all back–Ms. Shavishankar’s name is the easier one since the c in Laodicean could be confused with sh or ch.

I was happy to note the use of some attempted humor in constructing sentences using the challenge words, as in:

"While Lena’s geusioleptic cooking wowed her boyfriend, what really melted his heart was that she won the National Spelling Bee."

I doubt anyone will be using geusioleptic (tasty) anytime soon when yum and yummy work just as well.

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