Surprise! Obama Butchers English, and the Press Loves It

And the fawning continues.

No doubt historians are already writing future history books in which Barack Obama takes his rightful (their opinion) place beside George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and FDR as the greatest presidents who ever lived. And the Nobel Committee is just waiting for Obama to invite Hamas to Camp David for a photo op to present him with the Nobel Peace Prize. Now, both eventualities will come to pass even if terrorists invade America and subject all of us to dhimmitude, and Hamas gets some tactical nuclear weapons from Iran (or North Korea) and levels Tel Aviv.

Anyway, I’m getting a little bit sidetracked here. More mundanely, let’s look at Obama’s misuse (butchery) of the English language. Now, I’ve read all the liberal media accounts of what a great speaker he is, but whenever I’ve listened to him, all he sounds like is what he is–a lawyer trained in obfuscation and double talk. I’m still waiting for his first loftily constructed sentence in the sense of the Biblical imagery and pithy magic that Lincoln evoked.

I’ll leave you a link here to Obama and "Me" by Benjamin Plotinsky, so you can read about how Obama routinely uses I for the objective case when it should be me–and how reporters at the New York Times are now rewriting the history of grammar to prove that Obama is, well, you guessed it, just dead on right and everyone else is wrong.

And the mythology continues.

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