Will Feb. 10 Become Our Equivalent of May 10, 1933?

Nazis burn books on May 10, 1933

In the photo above, Nazis exult over a pile of burning books on May 10, 1933, which this Web article explains more fully.

Now, with the advent of the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act), which takes effect this Feb. 10, many are worried that there will be massive book burnings in America.


The CPSIA bans lead from all articles intended–or perceived as being intended–for children under 13. Books can and do contain lead, so this ban could lead to massive book burnings, critics fear. It also renders any books you have in your collection, even rare ones, unsellable unless you test them and prove they’re lead-free.

Problem is that "perceived to be intended" since many books look like children’s books when in fact their audience is adults.

I don’t know how serious this threat is (and most laws passed by our government screw up more things than they solve and hurt more people than they help, which is why we should stick to the Constitution and dissolve most government initiatives)but I’ve also read where many children’s clothing retailers fear that they’ll go out of business after the law takes effect.

Good going, doofae in Congress. You’ve done it again.

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