Using (and Misusing) the Colon

A lot of people get confused about where and how to use the colon.  For instance, some people will place a colon after a verb to introduce things that follow, as in: "The four reasons are: greed, anger, stupidty and laziness."  However, here’s a tidy little rule to remember:  Never use a colon after a verb, […]

Serious, Funny Video Subdomains Added

I’ve added two subdomains to my site, both of which are self-updating.  In other words, as new videos are posted out in cyberspace, the script controlling my sites will automatically update the content. One site looks at English lessons, and it’s found at The other takes a look at the foibles and follies of […]

What’s Wrong With This Phrase?

In describing one of the contestants (I think it was Wolfgang Puck) on Iron Chef America, Alton Brown said the chef was always "reinventing new ingredients." Anything wrong with that expression? A couple of things are off here.  For one, you can’t reinvent something that’s new; you can only invent something that’s new.  For another, you can’t invent food […]

UR What U Rite, or ur what u rite

Happy New Year’s and welcome to 2008, everyone. I see that the use of English continues to degenerate into some electronic media-driven abortion of its beautiful person. Probably, most if not all of you heard of the tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo on Christmas Day that left one 17-year-old dead. We certainly all […]