Is ‘Oh, My God!’ Sacrilegious?

This debate passed me by altogether until I chanced upon a Washington Post story this morning, but it appears that there’s consternation over the widespread use of “Oh, my God!” Some argue that it’s taking God’s name in vain, others that it’s just an everyday expression similar to “Oh, my Gosh” or “Oh, s—!”  (People […]

Happy Holiday Musings

Sorry, but I’ve been caught up in the holiday bustle of shopping and returning presents and not minding the blog so much. I’ve also been sampling some of the movies mentioned as Oscar favorites.  One proved very literary; the other was more lyrical (and gory). Atonement is the literary one.  The dialogue and voiceovers (internal thoughts) convey […]

It’s Hard to Attack Reality

I’ve already concluded from the scores and hundreds of college classes I’ve taught that at best only one in 100 college students even has a clue that the word their exists.  Most students just routinely right there whether they need it as an adverb or possessive pronoun.  With this much widespread ignorance and abuse, I’m […]

Building Blocks of English XIII: Verb Mood

English employs three verb moods–indicative, imperative and subjunctive. Indicative mood is for simple statements, while the imperative is for commands:  “Run!” However, it’s the subjunctive, represeting a wish or untrue situation, that befuddles virtually every English speaker. Remember the line from the song in Fiddler on the Roof, “If I was a rich man…”? Completely […]