Your Body Says It All

Body language and other nonverbal cues often (usually) communicate more than one’s spoken words.  Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to strategize one’s bodily movements; they’re almost involuntary at times, and that’s why they’re so revelatory. Anyway, watch body language guru Tonya Reiman give you some tips:

Self-Write, Self-Written Blog: Sports Babble Redux

I got a good laugh on Monday when [tag]Billy Martin[/tag], the lawyer for now-jailed Atlanta Falcons quarterback [tag]Michael Vick[/tag], issued a statement saying that his client had “self-surrendered” to begin his undetermined-in-length prison term. Martin’s statement went on to further praise Vick for his “self-surrender.” Now, to surrender is something you do voluntarily anyway rather […]

Random Words and Creativity

One of my pursuits in life is figuring out how Internet search engines do their thing and rank Websites on the search results.  This all falls under the category of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO (caps not needed when spelled out, but SEO folk consider themselves rather important). While doing some SEO research today, I came […]