NotPhrase: ‘A Whole ‘Nother Thing’

No matter what talents (not many) he displayed on the floor on "Dancing With the Stars," and no matter how well he runs a professional basketball operation, [tag]Mark Cuban[/tag] can butcher the English language with the best of us.

Here’s a NotPhrase he used on TV tonight and one I sometimes use myself:  "A whole ‘nother thing."

I’m not sure how one would correct that.  "A whole other thing altogether" would seem to be the most logical and correct usage.  Or use "a different matter altogether"–there you go!

I wouldn’t be surprised if the folks at the Oxford dictionary haven’t already added ‘nother, but they probably spelled it nother.


One thought on “NotPhrase: ‘A Whole ‘Nother Thing’

  1. Terry Heath says:

    So if it’s the shortening of “another”, ‘nother would be used as: “”Nother thing, entirely.”

    If it’s “n’other”, then of course it means “no other”, and would be used “N’other thing, at all”.

    But at any rate, if we didn’t allow for our language to breathe and grow, writers like Chaucer and Shakespeare would be considered hacks with bad grammar for the changes they brought.

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