New Tempest in a Teapot Over Newspaper Column

[tag]Jenni Carlson[/tag], a columnist for The Oklahoman in Stillwater, Okla., home to Oklahoma State, finds herself under fire for running an article critical of the football team’s deposed quarterback.

Carlson evidently said the quarterback’s demotion was due to mental attitude rather than physical skills.  This caused football coach [tag]Mike Gundy[/tag] to denounce her and call the article three quarters "fiction."

(The tirade was covered by the media, and various videos of Gundy’s outburst are viewable on YouTube.)

Carlson, however, stood her ground and demanded that Gundy point out the parts that were inaccurate.  "I don’t have to," he shot back.

I say good for Carlson for standing up to the bully.  She won’t let go now, as she has another article out today, this one critical of Gundy.

Go, girl, go.

Read all about it.

One thought on “New Tempest in a Teapot Over Newspaper Column

  1. Bob says:

    The Oklahoman is based in Oklahoma City, not Stillwater.

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