Word Abuse: ‘Very Personal and Poignant’

Just a few minutes ago as I flipped over to ESPN to catch the Phillies-Braves baseball game, the announcers turned the discussion to the Sunday altercation between San Diego Padre [tag]Milton Bradley[/tag] and an umpire, which umpire has since been suspended. Referring to the umpire, commentator [tag]Orel Hershiser[/tag] said what got the ump suspended was not just […]

New Tempest in a Teapot Over Newspaper Column

[tag]Jenni Carlson[/tag], a columnist for The Oklahoman in Stillwater, Okla., home to Oklahoma State, finds herself under fire for running an article critical of the football team’s deposed quarterback. Carlson evidently said the quarterback’s demotion was due to mental attitude rather than physical skills.  This caused football coach [tag]Mike Gundy[/tag] to denounce her and call […]

New Sports Talk NotWord: Hyperbosity

While I was driving to lunch, I turned on ESPN radio when two sports jocks were discussing some now-long-forgotten topic, but one interchange stands out even after the topic has been forgotten. Sports jock number one complained about "hyperbole" on a certain sports topic.  A few minutes later, his partner lamented the "hyperbosity" in sports talk. Now, […]

I’m Thruw With NotWord Thru

The basic problem with people’s learning English, even those born in an erstwhile English-speaking country such as the United States, is that they no longer learn their grammar and spelling through reading great works of literature and doing rigorous classroom exercises but through media and fast food exposure. Maybe I’ll call my book Fast Food English […]

New Words: Dooficity and Doofisms

My new word dooficity is a natural derivative of doofus/doofae (singular and plural).  It refers to the utterances and general thinking (oxymoron?) of doofae. Who are the doofae subject to uttering doofisms (another word of mine)? Politicians, actors, celebrities and the like, plus anyone who actually pays attention to these people and what they say and believe […]