English Eloquence from the Mouths of Baseballers

With the death today of 89-year-old baseball and broadcasting legend [tag]Phil Rizzuto[/tag], the tributes poured in and the radio interviews abounded. I liked the comment by Yankee owner [tag]George Steinbrenner[/tag] that "Heaven must’ve needed a shortstop," but I was taken aback by the eloquence of former Detroit Tigers broadcaster [tag]Ernie Harwell[/tag]. It wasn’t so much […]

Are You Wonky?

Leave it to the British to develop slang that cuts to the quick. Case in point:  Los Angeles Galaxy soccer superstar [tag]David Beckham[/tag] has been mostly unable to play since arriving in the states because his ankle is injured and troublesome.  Here, the expression in describing the injury is to call it “day to day.”  […]

Building Blocks of English IV: Phrases

The main distinguishing feature of phrases is that they lack a subject-verb combination.  They can certainly contain nouns and/or verb forms, but they are not joined as they are in a clause. Phrases can be used as nouns, adjectives and adverbs. A prepositional phrase contains a preposition.  In the morning is a prepositional phrase. A […]

Blast from the Past: ETAOIN SHRDLU

Not to age myself (to not age myself?  LOL), but I remember back when I started as a cub newspaper reporter that page composition was done by linotype.  On a linotype machine, which produced hot metal slugs that would be arranged together and used for printing, the characters of the alphabet were arranged in vertical columns by frequency […]