Wikipedia: Leave Home Without It

I forget whose credit card ad advises “don’t leave home without it,” but when it comes to Wikipedia, my advice is to leave everywhere without it.  It’s just highly unreliable as a source of information.  Since Wikipedia can be edited by anyone who registers with the site, its pages are constantly being “updated” by those with […]

Evil Wikipedia: How to Thwart Your Ruination

I’m neither famous or successful, and thus Wikipedia–the open-source encyclopedia for the Web 2.0 generation–would never feature me in its pages.  So unless fame or fortune descend upon me, I’m safe from the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” that can be an article in the pages of Wikipedia. The problem with [tag]Wikipeda[/tag], and the […]

Verb Conjugator

When I’m vegetating, I like to watch baseball and food shows on TV, which brings up today’s topic. When one conjugates English verbs, the three basic forms are present, simple past and past participle.  Thus when one conjugates swim, one gets swim, swam, swum. Applying that same logical pattern to swing, as in "to swing […]

Building Blocks of English VII: Relative Clauses

We’ve looked at dependent and independent clauses in a previous Building Blocks.  Now let’s look at [tag]relative clauses[/tag]. Specifically, let’s look at restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses, also known as essential and nonessential clauses.  To define, a restrictive (essential) clause adds important information to a sentence and cannot be eliminated without changing the meaning of the […]

Heard on the Radio

As I was driving around on business yesterday, I had my radio turned to [tag]ESPN[/tag], all sports, all talk. When the news segment came on at the half-hour and top-of-the-hour points, the announcer read this news bit not once, but at least twice (I am paraphrasing but this is damn close, and the clincher is […]

O.J.’s Book Available Soon

If I Did It, O.J. Simpson’s theoretical account of how he might (har de har har) have carried out the double murder of his ex-wife and her friend, soon will be available from after months of making the underground, black market rounds. In a strange twist, the family of murdered Nicole Brown Simpson companion […]