Hidden Communication: Reading Body Language

Tonya Reiman body language analystI’m so lousy at effectively using body language that I usually end up sending the exact opposite message of what I’m trying to say.  I guess this reveals something about the inner me that comes through when I’m speaking with others.  Or maybe it’s just that I look like Richard Nixon (one of the many reasons I don’t post my photo here).

However, [tag]Tonya Reiman[/tag] of Smithtown, N.Y., is a fairly noted body language expert (a word my first newspaper copy editor told me meant nothing, but I couldn’t think of another word here–aha, analyst!), who appears on The O’Reilly Factor.  She’s pictured here in her publicity photo, but she’s really much more attractive when she has her glasses on and you see her on TV.

Ms. Reiman has a newsletter available on her Web site, and you can also book her for your next seminar or business meeting if you’ve got that kind of jingle.  Meanwhile, I wouldn’t mind having lunch with her to discuss anything and everything except my body language.  LOL

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