Chunk the Text and Fight the Bull

When writing for the Web, you need to keep your audience in mind.  People who read books will sit down and turn page after page to finish the task.  Not so on the Web–visitors are impatient, and if they can’t quickly and easily find what they want on your site, they’ll hit the back button and get out of there.

One way to make your text appealing to visitors is by a process called chunking.  In essence, chunking means to write everything in small chunks of two to four sentences.  Even better, introduce each chunk with a descriptive title or headline in bold face.

Then, within the text you need to have appropriate keywords that are hotlinked to other pages within your site.  Keep your visitors navigating on your site until thye find what they’re looking for. (Better hope you use the right keywords.  LOL!)

Finally, cut out the bull–jargon and empty words that visitors can smell a mile away.  If you want, download a copy of Bullfighter, which works with both Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to point out and eliminate “the bull” (jargon and meaningless words) in your writing.  The software is free.

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