Silence Not Golden This Time

Indian-born author [tag]Salman Rushdie[/tag] was recently knighted by the Queen of England, where he long lived and worked.  It was there almost 20 years ago that he published The Satanic Verses, which was immediately castigated as blasphemy by many in the Muslim world.  The Ayatollah Khomeini even issued a fatwa of death against him that still stands.

In the wake of his knighthood, calls for Rushdie’s murder are again resonating in the Muslim world.  An Iranian group even offered $150,000 to his murderer as a reward.

Thing is, no one in the Western media is really rushing to this author’s defense, as [tag]Tim Rutten[/tag] notes and decries in his article in today’s Los Angeles Times.

I highly recommend that everyone read his article.

This is no time for silence, which Rutten accurately describes as "a silence in which the only permissible sounds are the prayers of the killers and the cries of their victims."

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