D-Day: Back When Things Made Sense

Today is the anniversary of the 1944 invasion at Normandy Beach, France, more commonly called [tag]D-Day[/tag]. The world back then had many virtues we’ve lost, including a need to use the English language in written form with correct spellings and grammar usage.  However, the biggest virtue may have been that the world itself, no matter […]

Sportslish: Not Needed

Not only do [tag]sportscasters and radio jocks[/tag] abuse English grammar, but they also make a mockery out of tone, inflection and our ear drums. Heard in the final few moments of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ victory over the Detroit Pistons in the NBA Eastern Finals from the arena announcer as [tag]LeBron James[/tag], 22-year-old phenom, made a […]

A Number, The Number, Is/Are…?

Let me jump into the fray here and confuse you even more.  Actually, maybe I can clarify matters. Is this sentence correct:  "A number of us is going downtown to watch the baseball game"? I would say yes, but most modern grammarians/English teachers would say it’s incorrect.  My reasoning is that "a number" is singular, […]