Good Advice, But His Grammar Sucks

On one of my e-mail subscriptions, I received an invitation to read "[tag]10 Ways to Make Your Words Captivate[/tag]" by [tag]Michael Stelzner[/tag].

Now, the man’s ten tips are fine, but his writing is grammar-sorry.  In the third paragraph, he writes, "’Why should I care?,’ you say?" 

First off, the comma after the question mark in the quotation is completely ridiculous.  The question mark is sufficient punctuation to end the quotation.

Second, why is there another question mark after "you say"? The question has been asked and the asker is obviously the reader or some disembodied client. Then in the next paragraph, he spells others this way–other’s.

All this being appropriately pointed out, the guy probably makes seven zillion dollars a year without being able to punctuate or spell, but that’s life. 

"Whoever said grammar makes you wealthy?," you ask?

2 thoughts on “Good Advice, But His Grammar Sucks

  1. Thanks so much for linking to my article and identifying my grammar errors.

    In reality, I do have an editor, but I do not have her look at my blog.

    I made your suggested changes and do not make seven zillion dollars a year 🙂


  2. Gary McCarty says:

    Thanks for being a good sport about my criticisms. If you can live on less than seven zillion a year, I guess my five zillion isn’t too bad. Only in my dreams. LOL

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