Death of Anna Nicole Smith: Should Vox Populi Rule the Media?

An analysis over the weekend in the Los Angeles Times lamented the reality that demand for stories about [tag]Anna Nicole Smith[/tag]’s death on its Web site prompted print edition editors to give the story front-page treatment the next day. James Rainey, the writer, saw a similar feeding frenzy across the media spectrum–from print to radio to TV […]

Three Steps to Writing Perfection

Okay, the headline/title sounds promising, doesn’t it? What I’m referring to here are the three parts of a well written piece, and I know this is going to sound rather mundane, but they are–the introduction, body and conclusion. The point of success comes in how the writer approaches these elements, and that’s why you should […]

Notword Addition: 24/7

Okay, the saying “24/7” is not technically a word, but it still qualifies as a [tag]Notword [/tag]since it has become both uniquitous and meaningless.  To wit: During the local morning sports talk radio program, a listener called in and told the host how great he was because he talked about football “24/7.” Now, what exactly did […]

Beijing Cleans Up Its English Act

In preparation for the 2008 Olympics being hosted there, [tag]Beijing[/tag] officials have decided to eradicate bad English translations from public venues, including "Deformed Man" for handicapped restrooms and "Show Mercy to the Slender Grass," reports the Wall Street Journal. For the next eight months, teams of linguistic monitors will scour the city’s nooks and crannies […]