Body Language

One of the overlooked aspects in oral English usage is the accompanying body language.  I probably shouldn’t say “overlooked” but “undiscussed” or “unstudied.”  Sometimes it’s as much how we say something as what we say that gets communicated, so not only should we work on improving our English usage but our body language as well.

Easier said than done, right?

I once studied a so-called body language expert’s video that showed how one should always approach another person at a 45-degree angle with one’s left shoulder facing the person.  That is a power position.  The same video said that tilting one’s head to the side while speaking to someone shows sincerity and friendliness.

When I was out on the dating trail years ago, I tried these two techniques.  They didn’t help in the least, but perhaps they didn’t hurt or hinder either.  Who knows?

Anyway here is the most authoritative source that I’ve ever found online on body language.  It’s fascinating reading.

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