When Is Truth Truth?

No, this is not a variation of Bill Clinton’s question about the meaning of is. Rather, it’s a response to the Academy Awards and its bestowing of an Oscar on Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Now, that film’s subject matter is global warming, which despite media reports and Gorian proclamations has scientists divided.  Those who want to cash in […]

Body Language

One of the overlooked aspects in oral English usage is the accompanying body language.  I probably shouldn’t say “overlooked” but “undiscussed” or “unstudied.”  Sometimes it’s as much how we say something as what we say that gets communicated, so not only should we work on improving our English usage but our body language as well. […]

New Category: MorphedWords

Since I screwed up and used the NotWord morphed in my posting yesterday, I’ve created a new category wherein common and acceptable English words get bastardized into forms and meanings never originally intended.  In short, to employ a NotWord (which has been now joined by new category), these words have been morphed.  Hence the name for my […]

Passive Voice Blues

In the English classes I’ve taught, and there have been many of them over the years, students have generally struggled over the English usage of [tag]the passive voice[/tag].  If, say, I write an active sentence on the board and ask the class to turn it into the passive voice, what I’ll usually get is a […]