The Last Laugh

I have to admit I didn’t read or pay much attention to Art Buchwald when he was alive and writing his humor column, primarily because I don’t find politics to be a humorous proposition.  Politicians need poking at, yes, but politics has deadly consequences. That being said, Mr. Buchwald did manage to go out with […]

A New Look

I decided to jettison my nearly decade-old design for Grammar Sucks in favor of a more functional, modern design.  This wasn’t done as much as a design makeover as a practical necessity.  As I tested out my old site on Macintosh computers and other browsers, I noticed weird bugs.  Thus, this new look.  Please let […]

Are Song Words Notwords?

Ever since developing my concept of Notwords (see earlier post), I’ve been working on this theory that American English is susceptible to corruption by song lyrics and artists who abuse both song lyrics and the English language.  Unfortunately, I have yet to come up with anything comprehensive in terms of research so far. However, “American […]

Apostrophes Gone Wild

If you want to set up your own blog, I certainly recommend using WordPress as the content management system on your own hosted domain.  However, there is a glitch in WordPress that I’m hoping I’ve detected the source of (never end a sentence with a preposition, right?).  To wit, because of something in PHP (the sourcing code) […]

Classical Freudian Slip?

I didn’t see the original article, only the retraction and correction that appeared later, but a Jan. 7 story in the Orange County Register evidently said that 18th Century British politician William Wilberforce, a staunch opponent of slave trade, helped usher in a period of prurience.  Oops, what they really meant was “prudishness,” as the […]

Notwords Live Again!

Just when I thought I might run out of Notword examples, in stepped with its list of Words for 2006. With entries such as “grinchitude,” “in-getter,” “factinista” and “truthiness,” I no longer have to seek far for Notwords.  Check it out above.

Body Language Transcends Words

…on this video and concept. I‘ve long believed that we’re not far removed from the animal kingdom except that we can create alphabets and words and use our digits to shoot weapons of various destruction. However, this is pretty graphic proof that animals, in this case a lion, can show genuine emotion and appreciation.  The […]

The British Are Coming!

So rode and spoke Paul Revere.  Now every media outlet in the U.S. is blaring a new refrain of this as David Beckham, British soccer phenom, and wife Posh Spice, British rock phenom, are relocating to the states so Beckham can play soccer for the Los Angeles Galaxy. Soon the definitive British accent of the two will hit the […]