Daily Grammar: Tune-Up for English Usage

I found this site yesterday that mails out grammar lessons Monday through Friday and then a quiz on the topics covered on Saturday.  This is a nice way to tune up your [tag]English grammar understanding[/tag] and usage.  The lessons come via e-mail, and I received my first one today, which covered the very simplest basics of pronouns. If […]

Notwords Addition: To Google

You hear a lot of people say, “I googled it,” when referring to the process of finding something via Web search on [tag]Google[/tag].  This certainly works in the vernacular, but come on, google as a verb in a Notword of the first magnitude.  (That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised to find it in the […]

New Feature Added

English Resources is a new feature that you can access through the navigation bar on the left.  There you’ll find articles on [tag]English writing, grammar, essay composition[/tag] and the like as I write, find and accumulate them.  Enjoy and check back frequently.

Grammar Questions Will Be Answered

I’ve added a new page where you can submit [tag]English grammar questions[/tag] to be answered. Just go to the Ask Grammar Questions page on the top navbar, or simply click on the title here. General turnaround time should be 24 hours or less, but I am a human being who has a life outside of Notwords and […]

Live Chat Option Added

It might be hard to see, but in my right-hand sidebar I’ve added a [tag]live chat[/tag] function.  So if you get here and want to find if anyone else is available, just open it up and see what happens. Topics, which I can’t regulate obviously, should concern English in some way, and the tone should […]

Third Iteration in One Week

Just to update you.  I’m now on my third template in one week due to various difficulties. The first template wasn’t Mac compatible, and the second one was subject to security risks.  Someone kept getting in and changing things, so here I am with this new theme.  Let’s hope I can stay with it for awhile.  […]